For Research Participants

Has Springtide asked you or a family member to participate in a research study? 

We are a nonprofit organization that conducts research studies for our own reports as well as on behalf of other organizations, such as schools and churches. 

Participation is voluntary. At any time, you may opt out of participating in a research study or receiving communications from us. You may also opt out Springtide receiving or maintaining your personal information. To remove any personal information from our database or to not receive future communications from Springtide, email research@springtideresearch.org

Your information is secure and confidential. We will not share any identifying information that could link your identity to your survey responses. Should you choose to share your name and email address at the end of a survey, no one at Springtide Research Institute will link your email address to your survey responses. Study findings will be presented only in summary form or by using deidentified information, such as pseudonyms. While the investigator(s) will keep your information confidential, there is always a risk of data breaches beyond the control of the investigator(s) when sending information over the internet. 

Your role is important. By participating in a study, you can contribute to improving the well-being of young people across the country. 

Have more questions? If you have any other questions, please email research@springtideresearch.org. If you have a question specific to a study you are involved in, please email or call the phone number on your informed consent form to reach your study’s principal investigator. 

Be a part of the path forward.

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