Ask Josh: How Can I Make Sure the Gen Zers in My Life Aren’t Lonely?

 In Mental Health

“Loneliness is just such an insidious and underrated cause (of mental health problems) and it comes back to how we're just expected to kind of function like robots and just be perfect individuals. We value self-sufficiency and individuality and in a lot of different communities, it's seen as a strength to be just very self-reliant emotionally… If you're just closing yourself off and just only focusing on what's going on in your brain, that's not a good thing and it's not what people are designed to thrive in. We need connection.”

Mental health issues are at crisis levels, but at the heart of many of those issues is a sense of disconnection and loneliness. In this video, Dr. Josh Packard talks about what this looks like for young people and easy steps adults can take to address it. 

Want to hear more about young people and their mental health? Join us October 19 for the Conference on Gen Z, Mental Health and Religion to learn the latest insights and how adults can take action to create mental-health friendly environments. 

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