Marcie Alvis-Walker (she/her/hers) 


Marcie Alvis-Walker, Research Advisory Board 

Marcie Alvis-Walker is a writer based in Chicago. She is the curator of the popular Instagram handle @blackcoffeewithwhitefriends, which focuses on race, theology, and current events with a corresponding blog of the same name. She is also the writer and creator of Black-Eyed Bible Stories, a Substack newsletter and podcast focused on Black Womanist readings of the Bible.

Her goal in life is “to be the voice of my unheard ancestors by creating a written archive of the Black stories for my child and for future generations of children.” She is married to typographer and letterer Simon Walker and has one child, Max, and a dog named Evie. In her spare time, Marcie loves hoarding books (of all genres, though she’s partial to folk and fairy tales, inclusive theology, and cookbooks), watching classic movies, reflecting on astronomy and cosmology, and spending time with her family.  

Thinking of her work with Springtide, Marcie is “excited to be invited into this kind of caretaking and legacy-building for the next generation.”  

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