Dr. Nabil Tueme (she/her/hers)


Dr. Nabil Tueme, Senior Research Associate & National Speaker

Nabil Tueme holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Connecticut. Previously Springtide’s inaugural BIPOC Research Fellow, Nabil now supports Springtide as Senior Research Associate. Her research both within and outside Springtide focuses on the intersection of race/ethnicity, religion, and social change. Her work for Springtide includes various projects related to Hispanic campus ministry, the cultural differences of belonging, and racial injustice.

When asked to describe her favorite part about working at Springtide, Nabil shared, “Many pastoral efforts focus on young people because they see young people as the future of the Church. But young people, as Pope Francis once said, are the here and now. They deserve to be engaged with on their own terms and in their own words. This orientation toward young people leads Springtide to cocreate with them every step of the way, from deciding what to study, to how we share those studies with the world.”

Outside of her research, Nabil enjoys reading, playing the piano, and going on long walks with her two beloved miniature schnauzers.

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