Gen Z is facing uncertainty.

Yet they’re not turning to religion for answers.

How can you bridge the gap?


The State of Religion & Young People 2021

Over 75% of young people identify as religious or spiritual.

But they told us they’re not turning to faith communities during stressful moments in life.

The gap can be bridged: our newest report offers the data, insights, and framework you need to support young people as they face life’s biggest questions.  

Find out why young people, even religious young people, aren’t turning to religion in times of uncertainty or difficulty…  

Learn about Faith Unbundled, a framework to help leaders better understand the way young people are constructing their religious and spiritual lives by drawing on a variety of sources…  

Hear from experts across religious, spiritual, and secular traditions for insights about how to connect with Gen Z in light of—not despite—this emerging, unbundled approach to faith.

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