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Season 8 of The Voices of Young People Podcast features 12 teens and 20-somethings in dialogue with Marte Aboagye, Springtide’s Head of Community Engagement, and with one another. For this season, we invited young people to share a story about an experience they would describe as sacred and to detail the ways it evoked a sense of wonder, awe, gratitude, deep truth, and/or interconnectedness.

New episodes will begin releasing weekly starting on Thursday, Nov. 9th! You can find new episodes here, on our podcast page and everywhere you listen and subscribe to podcasts.

To see the full list of our survey questions, response options, and demographics, please visit our methodology page or email us at research@springtideresearch.org.


Watch Marte Aboagye, Springtide’s Head of Community Engagement, and Rev. Anthony Weisman, a United Church of Christ minister, talk about connecting virtual spaces to in-person spiritual practices.

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My Sacred Space: A Visual Gallery

This gallery features 100 photos submitted by young people and curated by Springtide Ambassadors. Use the images and stories here as an invitation to reflect and discuss with the young people in your sphere, to cultivate a sacred sensibility.

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